Annual Conference Round Table Discussions – Superyachts

At the Annual Conference and AGM, Alice Driscoll (ADPR) and Tom Chant (Superyacht UK) hosted the round table discussion on opportunities in the super yacht sector.

A brief summary of the topics discussed follows:

Thank you very much to Tom Chant from BMF and SYUK for attending the Conference. It was great to have his hands on experience and expertise. Tom was also able to sign post delegates to the wealth of information available from within the BMF which includes;

  • Market reports including the new Redmayne Report
  • Country reports – not only on superyacht sector but all aspects of country sectors relevant to marine
  • Events such as Meet the Buyer and Supply Chain meetings
  • Attendance at events such as Monaco and METS

Discussion topics included

  • Advice on the new LY3 codes for superyachts which include changes to crew conditions and emissions (MARPOL standards)
  • Queries over VAT status of super yachts
  • And clarity over berthing and pilotage fees – do these make some ports more or less attractive?

Several useful connections were made between the group with regard to marketing venues to attract super yacht visitors. For example there are a number of  events this summer, not only the Olympics, but the J Yachts Regatta, the Pendennis Cup, the Informa Superyacht Cup at Cowes will all pull some superyachts to the UK shores creating opportunities for UK businesses.

Another topic discussed was about BMF SYUK services and support – how the BMF SW members can take advantage of these but also highlighting some barriers to getting involved which included both the cost to attend and the distance to some venues.

Better collaboration between groups and service providers was also highlighted in the discussions – for example from tourism and restaurants, through to ship services, staffing, legal support etc.

Above all this table saw some some really key networking which included new BMF member Ben Sharpe from Sharpe & Tappin getting to know what’s available by speaking directly with Tom Chant. The extra information he received will better enable him to research the Superyacht sector and work out ways to get into that market. This table also welcomed the input from Tom Reed at Scanstrut for some support and advice about exporting and entering new markets.

In summary it was clear that there is a wealth of knowledge available to members from BMF and Superyacht UK to enable better research and understanding of this important sector.

February 16, 2012