Annual Conference Round Table Discussions – Waste

At the Annual Conference and AGM, Dave Martin (Falmouth Marine School) and Neil Stallard (Alpha Logic) hosted the round table discussion on waste management.

A brief summary of the topics discussed follows:

• Disposal of expired pyrotechnics Boat yard operative sought help from the police. They will inspect premises and give guidance to apply for a licence to dispose of from the HSE & EH. There has been a change in storage regs namely bin has to be double skinned metal. Collection still needs to be arranged. Boat yard could then advertise as a disposal centre. Marina operative uses a collection service EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal)

Suggestions: A collection service using BMF to collate/supply list of members wishing to use EOD. This could be accessed through the website via a waste disposal/management section. Members/BMF could then negotiate a better price for disposal. Similar has been carried out in the automotive trade for disposal of waste.

• Wood/timber It was stated that wood is unlikely to be a problem in the future due to the building of biomass generators!!

• Green Blue One member was aware of the ‘Green Blue’ and one was not.

Suggest that BMFSW website include a link through the website via a waste disposal/management section.

• Fly tipping and the increasing costs of waste disposal It was stated that there was an increase in fly tipping using boatyard/marina facilities. This has led to ensuring that bins/skips are secured which in turn leads to customer complaints that they cannot access bins when required. Bins were charged by weight not by volume (disposal of polystyrene would be interesting here). No way of knowing if weight is exceeded until collection then costs increase accordingly. To reduce costs it was suggested that recycling could help. Clearly marked bins and the use of CLEAR bin bags (they are no more expensive than the black ones) can enable segregation of waste and recyclable waste therefore avoiding land fill tax on the latter. If facilities are available and clearly marked it will encourage customers/employees to recycle. Sort waste at source It was stated that the room taken up by recycling bins can be prohibitive on smaller sites.

• Disposal of ‘International Foodstuffs’ Foodstuffs brought in from abroad now have to be separated and must be destroyed by incineration. The galley area and storage area must be cleaned.

• Disposal of old FRP boats This will be an issue in the future. EU ‘cradle to grave’ legislation has been imposed on the automotive industry. It is likely that the same will happen to the marine industry. It was suggested that the BMF should investigate the recovery of FRP products as all are land filled at present.

There is more information available on the BMF website by following this link:


February 14, 2012